Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Quilts of Valor Foundation January 8, 2019

Tonight we gathered in the dining room of the Riverview Bistro to paint for the Quilts of Valor Foundations and the dedicated men and women who make these amazing quilts that are given out to Veterans free of charge. 

I learned about Quilts of Valor when my stepdad was in the VA Hospital in West Haven in October. While there on their hospice floor, he was the recipient of one of these beautiful quilts that since has become a family heirloom and treasure. He was so touched and proud to receive it, and it covered him lovingly until his passing, and now it is used in my living room, as those are the orders given to each recipient upon receiving this gift, it is not to be put on a shelf, it is durable and made with love and is to be used... and so we will continue to honor his orders. 

Sadly, the weather tonight was not cooperative, and we were hindered by dense fog and misty weather. That being said, some of our hard core painters showed up and a family that just moved to Stratford. I feel that this cause is so special and deserves recognition, that we are going to paint for them again in June so that we can give them a good number of hearts to thank the Connecticut quilters. Jane and Ann Marie of the Quilts of Valor Foundation have agreed to come back and give another presentation. If you talk to anyone who attended tonight, they will tell you that the presentation was absolutely amazing, and if you had any sewing skills whatsoever, you would have been jumping at the chance to volunteer to go to one of their Quilting Bees, one of which is being held on February 2nd. Actually, it is called a National Sew in Day. There is one in Franklin, CT as well as in Avon and Madison.  For a complete list, click the link if you would like more information.

This is my stepdad's quilt. 

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