Saturday, February 29, 2020

Wallingford Community Women February 25, 2020

On Tuesday, February 25th, I went to Wallingford to paint with the Wallingford Community Women. A few of their members had come to our Paint with a Purpose event in January. They had such a wonderful time that they presented the idea of painting to their Women's Group. After a flurry of emails between Pam and myself and the checking of calendar dates, an event was set with the Wallingford Community Women for the end of February. They chose to paint for Veterans and will be delivering their hearts to the VA Hospital in West Haven. 

Here are some photos from that night. 

 Tonight's cold rain did not dampen anyone's spirits.

 Our coloring book hearts were very popular once again! I love it when people choose to paint them. I am never courageous enough to try that. 

 Thank you Wallingford Community Women! Your hearts are beautiful, and I know the Veterans who receive them will truly be touched by your hearts and your messages! 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Feb. 13, 2020 Boy Scout Pac 272

It's always exciting when we get to paint with a group for a second time! It means that they found painting a heart a fun and meaningful experience. So I was very excited when Denise from Cub Scout Pac 272 reached out to me to schedule a painting event for this year with her pac. It was great to see so many familiar faces and a few new ones.  This year, their hearts will be going to the Sterling House Food Pantry to be given out randomly to families who go there for some food assistance... one day soon, they will go home with a heart with an uplifting message from these scouts and their families. 

The Cub Scout opening flag ceremony is about to begin.

The Color Guard advancing the colors.

The posting of the colors.

The Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Boy Scout Oath.

 Let the fun begin!

 Her brother is one of the cub scouts. She is a girl scout who has come to one of our events with her scout troup. She decided to  join her brother tonight so she could paint a heart. 

 I love it when the parents join in and paint. 

 These smiles say it all!

Closing Ceremonies

The Hearts

Thank you Cub Scout Pac 272! We love that you want to create hope and spread kindness, and that you want to use our organization to help you do that. Thank you for your beautiful hearts, kind spirits, wonderful smiles, and the joy you bring each time we meet. The people who receive your hearts will be so uplifted by your beautiful hearts and caring messages.